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Top Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Bathroom design is having a moment right now, and everywhere you turn, a new and intriguing style is emerging. The ideas are causing people to rethink how they want to enjoy their space. With so many different styles to choose from, it can be tough to decide on the design that suits you best. Continue reading to learn about the most popular bathroom trends of the year.

Spa Inspired Spaces

Over the past few years, people have begun to embrace that bathrooms are not solely functional but also designed for relaxation and comfort. Spa-like bathrooms are so popular because they are customizable and can fit varying personal styles and needs. Furthermore, a spa-inspired look is attainable with budgets, large or small. If you prefer a luxury experience, you can opt for additions like large soaking tubs, wet rooms, and heated floors. However, if you are not looking to invest in a total bathroom remodel, add simple touches like a heated towel rack, a new vanity, or updated lighting fixtures. Also, do not forget to add plants, floating shelves, and a bathtub caddy to pull the spa look together.

Dramatic Color Palate

Another current design trend is using bold colors that make a statement in the bathroom. For years, many have preferred bathrooms decorated with lighter color palates. But now more than ever, bathroom design is beginning to branch out with moody colors that were once unexpected in the space. Try to implement dramatic color palates in your design by installing dark-colored tiles on bathroom walls, showers, and floors. Wood-look tiles, faux leather, and patterned wallpaper are also popular additions that can help create a dramatic color palate. Or you can swap out chrome or brushed nickel bathroom hardware for matte black to add a small yet impactful accent of color.

All White

Not interested in making a statement with color? Perhaps an all-white look will be more desirable. A white design is ideal for people who want a clean and sleek bathroom. White building materials are easy to source, making them viable options for people who prefer an expedited renovation process. Also, you can design a white bathroom on any budget. Some people include marble floors and countertops to capture an upscale white look. But there are many affordable marble-like surfacing products to choose from if you love the appearance of the marble but cannot afford the hefty price tag. Take the design further by including subway tiles, vertically laid shiplap, and white linen curtains. The items will add texture while making the space look pulled together.

Wet Rooms

First popularized in Europe, wet rooms are one of the biggest bathroom design trends of the year. Most wet rooms combine a freestanding tub and a shower space enclosed in glass. People enjoy the elegant look of these spaces because the openness of the design creates the perfect canvas to showcase materials like sculptural bathtubs and custom tile work. Another element to include inside a wet room is a heated towel rack. The Jeeves Wet-rated Installation Kit makes towel warmers safe to install in wet areas. Many people appreciate the versatility and functionality wet rooms provide. Wet rooms are appropriate for bathrooms of all sizes. However, adding a wet room may not apply to every bathroom design. You should always consult a professional interior designer and architect when considering a project of this sort.


Newstalgia has recently become a popular interior design trend for the entire home. The style merges old with new creating an eclectic blend of items from different eras that work together to form a cohesive design. The style is perfect for those who want a bathroom full of character. Or for people who prefer to use, or source reclaimed materials. To embody this style, install a clawfoot bathtub paired with contemporary fixtures. Alternatively, you can accent the space with antique mirrors hung over a double vanity with quartz surfacing to balance the old and the new. The possibilities are endless with newstalgia design, and it encourages more creative liberty than other styles.

Redesigning a bathroom can be a stressful experience, but by staying up to date on all the latest trends in interior design, you will have a better idea of what style is best for your space. Whether you want your bathroom to feel like a trip to the spa or if you prefer a funkier eclectic style, your bathroom should reflect your personality. We spend so much time in our bathrooms. Why not make them your favorite place in the home by designing them to fit your lifestyle? And no matter the size of the budget, there are many ways to capture a style that suits you best.