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How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

With the rising cost of living and the current housing shortage, it’s no wonder that a growing number of people are deciding to live in tiny homes, sometimes referred to as auxiliary dwelling units (ADU), RVs, and even vans. When downsizing, many find it difficult to utilize their space efficiently. Rooms often get overcrowded with décor, making them appear cluttered and unorganized. Here are some helpful tips you can use to make the most of a small bathroom.


When designing smaller than average bathrooms, it’s important to heed the age-old advice of measuring twice and cutting once. While you may not be cutting anything, you should get familiar with the measurements of your bathroom. It’s essential to know the space that you’re working with before beginning to modify it. Every project should start with making a layout of the room. Creating a visual template will allow you to plan out your bathroom design using realistic dimensions. Then, you will be able to purchase items that perfectly fit into your space.


Just because a room is small doesn’t mean that it will be easy to decorate. Often, small spaces can be more challenging to decorate than large areas. Many people tend to over-decorate, making the room look congested and feel tight. Instead, leave small pockets of negative space between core items throughout the room. The voids make the area feel spacious and more balanced.


Small spaces can feel cluttered when decorated with too many small items - bathrooms are no exception. Decorate the area with a few statement pieces rather than several smaller objects. Bring in elements that are visually appealing and functional. A multi-purpose Amba heated towel rack with a shelf attachment or an over toilet storage unit will make your bathroom feel cozier and more practical. A minimal look will make the room appear bigger - helping accentuate the décor instead of drowning it out.


When designing small spaces, the color of the walls can make or break the room. It dictates the feel of the room. An important thing to note is that lighter wall colors will make their space feel bigger, while dark colors can appear to confine a room. Also, painting the ceiling and walls the same color will help the room appear taller. No matter what color you choose, there is a heated towel rack that will blend perfectly with your style.


While decorating a small space, you should plan for how it will stay organized. A well-ordered room looks clean and inviting, no matter the size. Set your bathroom up for success by implementing both hidden and visible storage areas. Try adding in extra shelving or dividers under the sink for more space. You can get creative by using unconventional spaces like windowsills to store plants or toiletries. Hanging baskets and organizers will also help keep your tiny bathroom organized.


Even though your bathroom is small in size, it can still be big on comfort. Some people may believe that their small bathroom can’t have the coziness and amenities enjoyed in larger spaces. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Adding luxury elements like heated towel racks, high-end finishes, and premium linens can help make even the tiniest bathroom feel like a spa retreat. These little touches can help create a space that is so relaxing that you will forget about its size.

When well-planned, small bathrooms can provide just as much comfort as conventional-sized spaces. To recap, you should start by creating the room’s layout, as knowing the dimensions will help when purchasing items like shelving and fixtures. Design the area with a few sizeable elements instead of many small things - leaving pockets of space between items to help the room appear larger. Remember to choose a light shade for the walls to make the space look more substantial. Establish a plan to keep the area organized and clutter-free by adding shelves and dividers. Finally, don’t forget to add a touch of luxury to make your bathroom feel cozy and luxurious. Follow these design elements to help make the most of your tiny bathroom.