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  • Towel warmers have a variety of uses and applications. They are primarily used to heat towels and bathrobes so they are warm when drying off after a shower or leaving the pool/beach/spa.
  • After a towel is used, the towel warmer will dry it out. This helps to prevent them from giving off that musty/moldy smell they can produce when not dried properly. It also reduces laundry loads and water consumption, as the towels won’t need to be washed as frequently.
  • ANTUS, ELORY, QUADRO, SIRIO and VEGA models heat by way of a new patented technology that uses thick cables that heat up, throughout the unit (both vertical and horizontal bars).
  • JEEVES and TRADITIONAL models have a liquid (Glycol & Water mixture) and heating element inside the unit. The heating element heats up the liquid, in turn heating the bars.
  • RADIANT, SOLO and SWIVEL models use a resistance wire that heats the bars
  • Our Italian collections (ANTUS, ELORY, QUADRO, SIRIO, and VEGA) take about 10–20 minutes to heat up, regardless of the size.
  • The JEEVES and TRADITIONAL collection takes between 30–45 minutes to heat to its top temperature, depending on the size.
  • The RADIANT, SOLO and SWIVEL collections take about 10–20 minutes to heat up.
  • Note: The ambient temperature, the size of the room, etc can have an effect on this time. Amba Products is unable to give an approximate time of how long a towel(s) will take to dry. This time will vary depending on numerous variables.
  • We recommend folding your towel in half or thirds, depending on how large your towel is, and drape it over the top bar so the towel hangs down evenly on either side. This allows you to maximize the surface area contact between the towel and bars.
  • We do not recommend weaving the towel through the bars because this only utilizes half of the surface area of the bars.
  • For any towel warmer that you believe has a warranty issue, we recommend that you take some preliminary steps prior to sending the unit back to us to have it inspected. We recommend that you bypass all switches and wire the unit to a 3-prong plug and plug it directly into the wall (an extension cord should be used if no outlet is within close proximity). If the unit begins to heat properly, then it was a bad connection or faulty wiring/switch (Q 2016 or S2121) that has caused the problem.

If, within thirty (30) days of your order ship date, any product proves to be defective please contact your retailer immediately. Please DO NOT ship the product back to us without contacting us first and receiving an RGA (Returned Goods Authorization) Number and return instructions. Item(s) must be returns in a box comparable to the original manufacture’s packaging. Pick up / replacement item(s) can only be sent to or picked up from the original “ship to” address. Only one pick-up attempt will be made.

Any time after the thirty-one (31) days of your order ship date, if a product proves to be defective; please contact your retailer immediately. Warranty begins 30 days from invoiced date. Please DO NOT ship the product back to us without contacting us first and receiving a RGA (Return Goods Authorization) Number and return instructions. It will be the customers’ responsibility to get the product to and from Amba Products. This will be at the customer’s expense. Please be sure to adequately package your product; Amba Products will not be held responsible for any damages that occurred during shipment. Once the product is received it will be properly inspected and tested.

Should we determine that the product is in fact defective, under warranty terms, it will be repaired and tested at our facility. You will be notified when your product will be ready for pickup or collection. If you choose to return the defective item, rather than replace it, we will charge a 15% restocking fee and your original shipping and processing charges will not be refunded. All transactions must take place under the original Purchase Order. This may only be done within the product warranty period. We will let you know our decision once we respond to your request.


All cancellations, returns, or warranty claims must be submitted via our online form; please visit www.ambaproducts.com/rga and complete the form. We do NOT take requests via Phone or Chat.