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Tackle wet areas with the Jeeves Wet Rated Kit

There has been a growing trend in bathroom design around ‘wet areas’ and ‘wet rooms.’ Many larger bathrooms tend to be open without any walls or divisions between the shower bathtub to the rest of the bathroom. In smaller bathrooms, you will often find glass walls that create complete separation from the rest of the bathroom. The concept is popular as it creates a more open, bright, and airy feeling. It can also allow for aging in place if built without barriers to accessibility.

These moisture and humidity-rich areas can create problems for certain electrical products, including heated towel racks. With the addition of our new Jeeves ‘Wet Rated Kit’, we aim to solve this problem!

The Jeeves ‘Wet Rated Kit’ is a UL-certified kit that can be added to any Jeeves Collection Heated Towel Rack and allows for its installation in any wet area or wet room while remaining up to code. So why would you want to put your towel on a heated towel rack INSIDE a walk-in shower?

Imagine you have a beautiful freestanding tub. Now imagine being able to take a warm, cozy towel right off the heated towel rack, hanging within arm’s reach. Maybe you ripped out the old cast iron shower/tub combo and now have a spacious walk-in shower. At one end, you have your new rain-head showerhead, and at the other, you have the heated towel rack holding your warm towel, ready for you as soon as you turn the water off. Or perhaps you have that large wet room with the shower and tub in the same area. Regardless of which bathing routine you follow, the heated towel rack is waiting for you, keeping the towel nice and warm.

Wall space in bathrooms continues to become harder and harder to come by as we move to more open-concept spaces. And the few walls are reserved for the vanities, mirrors, toilets, showers, and tubs. Typically, this limited the locations where heated towel racks could be installed due to code regulations, if it was possible at all. However, this ‘Wet Rated Kit’ has completely changed the game. You now have much more freedom to choose where these products can be installed and in places where you want them to be for easy access.

The Wet Rated Kit is a simple and affordable add-on kit. You need to order the Jeeves Heated Towel Rack that your client wants, the wet-rated kit in the matching finish, and a timer or switch (to be located outside the wet area), and you have everything you need!