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How to Create a European Style bathroom

When you decide to update a bathroom, there are so many different elements to think of that it may be challenging to nail down a style direction for your new project. A European design may be the perfect option to help create a timeless design that meets all your needs. The straightforward and minimalistic look characterizing the style suits any size bathroom. In Europe, bathrooms are built on a smaller scale, making the design work exceptionally well in tight spaces. The versatility of the style makes the design easy to replicate for even a novice. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide for designing a European bathroom that you’ll love!


A cornerstone of European bathroom design is utilizing natural materials to create an organic feel that connects the indoors and outdoors. You can utilize materials like wood, stone, natural textiles, and various metal finishes that imbue nature. There are so many ways to incorporate earthy elements in a bathroom design. Perhaps installing wood or marble flooring to give the space a grounded feel or add a polished gold heated towel rack for a bit of sparkle. You can incorporate a textural component to the design by including naturally constructed accessories and fabrics to complete the look.

Pedestal Sink

Imagine you have a beautiful freestanding tub. Now imagine being able to take a warm, cozy towel right off the heated towel rack, hanging within arm’s reach. Maybe you ripped out the old cast iron shower/tub combo and now have a spacious walk-in shower. At one end, you have your new rain-head showerhead, and at the other, you have the heated towel rack holding your warm towel, ready for you as soon as you turn the water off. Or perhaps you have that large wet room with the shower and tub in the same area. Regardless of which bathing routine you follow, the heated towel rack is waiting for you, keeping the towel nice and warm.


Standalone linen closets are a popular design feature in many European-styled bathrooms. If you have enough space to build one, it will help increase the functionality of the design by providing a dedicated storage area. Adding a beautiful wooden linen closet will give the bathroom character. Cedar is an excellent material for constructing bathroom closets because it helps absorb moisture in humid spaces and aids in keeping your linens free of mildew. Adding a full-sized linen closet in a smaller space may not be realistic for everyone. Instead, try various types of shelving like an over-the-toilet shelf, tower, or floating shelves. Establishing a dedicated space for extra bathroom essentials like towels and toiletries helps contribute to the minimalistic look that embodies European style.


Traditionally European-designed bathrooms do not have enclosures, which helps make the space appear larger. They have an open design that may include a wet room. Wet rooms allow you to maximize space by eliminating the shower enclosure, which opens a bathroom floorplan, making it appear larger. If you decide to make your bathroom a wet room, you will need to hire a professional. A licensed contractor will construct a wet room to be completely waterproof, making cleaning the area quick and easy. Depending upon the square footage available, a wet room may contain a shower and bathtub. Some people opt for large soaking tubs for a more dramatic look when there is sufficient space. Additionally, with the UL-certified Jeeves Wet-rated Installation, you can install any Jeeves heated towel rack directly in your wet room to provide extra comfort and luxury. Towel warmers do double duty as the radiant heat emitted can also help eliminate moisture in the bathroom after a steamy shower.

A Winning Look

Functional and clean, European-style bathroom designs will fit any space but are especially well-suited for smaller areas. Fixtures like the pedestal sinks, open showers, and soaking bathtubs, commonly seen in wet rooms have become synonymous with the style. Other elements like utilizing natural materials, adding a linen closet, or shelving help pull the design together, giving your space a timeless look while meeting all your needs.