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Walk-In Tubs: Towel Warmer perfect Pairing

The modern bathroom has plenty of innovations that make fixtures more convenient and comfortable. A walk-in tub is one such bath option for those who find it difficult to get in and out of the modern bathtub or want to remain seated: especially helpful for the elderly or disabled. Unlike placing a chair in the shower, a walk-in tub seals and fills to submerge the user completely without needing a flexible shower head. This mechanism does have a major downside though: the tub needs to drain completely before one can get out — leaving the occupant wet and cold.

A solution to this problem is to install a heated towel warmer in the bathroom within reach of the tub giving the bather a nice warm, dry towel while they wait. Using a digital heat controller (included with many Amba Towel Warmer models) even gives control over specific temperature settings for the perfect towel after every bath session and allows one to schedule the unit to turn on for bath time, saving electricity and time.

Another benefit for walk-in tub owners owning a towel warmer lies in humidity control: like a typical radiator, a towel warmer helps reduce humidity which is present in bathrooms that see frequent tub usage. Reducing moisture in bathrooms prevents mold/mildew from growing on your towels, allowing them to be used more between washes.

If you or someone you know uses a walk-in tub, we’re certain that their experience can be improved simply by installing a towel warmer!