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Luxury in Stainless Steel

We’ve all heard of stainless-steel — most notably we use them every day as a part of kitchen appliances and utensils, but what makes the steel ‘stainless’?

Steel is a widely-utilized iron alloy that resists bends, cracks, and chips. It is used to form rigid structures in construction, cars, and appliances with hundreds of modern applications. There is one problem with steel: being an iron alloy it is susceptible to rust — the product of iron reacting with oxygen. This corrosion can degrade the strongest steel if it is not adequately protected.

To combat this chemical reaction, stainless steel was created. Also known as inox steel or simply ‘inox’, stainless steel has a minimum content of 10.5% chromium (by mass). When added to steel, this chromium protects against the oxidizing process and gives a tarnish-resistant finish, making it not only a versatile and strong material but also giving appliances and hardware a very high-end aesthetic.

It is because of this versatility and aesthetic quality that we choose to make our towel warmers and sliding door systems out of the finest grade-304: because of the chromium present in the steel, our towel warmers can be installed in areas where there may be excessive moisture (bathrooms/pool houses etc…), which would wreck havoc on regular steel hardware. The tarnish resistance also helps keep the units clean and shiny as well, letting you enjoy your furnishing without the pain of regular maintenance.

Stainless steel will continue to serve us as one of the finest materials available for high-end products like our heated towel warmers and sliding door systems.