Top Hotel Trends of 2014

With the boom of social media and the current millennial generation reaching their peak earning, 2014 looks to be a promising year for the hospitality sector: Hotels are embracing the social media platforms like Twitter to create real conversations with their customers, ditching traditional media in lieu of more cost-effective content marketing, and leveraging the latest web technology to deliver a streamlined experience with direct booking and extra emphasis on customer service.

Social media has been a game-changer in terms of how companies, brands, or individuals interact. With public communications like Twitter, there simply is no better way of getting in direct contact with customer support for hotels or services. Because these conversations are public, companies are making sure that they address concerns or complaints quickly and to-satisfaction. Every conversation is a chance to improve the value of a brand and show the world just how much these hotels care about their customers. This combination customer service and ‘bragging’ platform is also a great way of attracting lodgers, and to even offer special deals to participants which can boost the amount of bookings a hotel receives with minimal cost when compared to traditional print media.

Technology is also helping streamline the booking processes by offering portals that allow travelers to plan, pay, and confirm their entire stays on one single site. Mobile technology is also quickly becoming the dominant media through which people access the web, making mobile apps an attractive avenue through which hotels can offer an improved user experience.

The millennial population has grown up during a time of huge leaps in mobile and web technology: the hospitality industry is doing a great job riding this wave and integrating social media into their marketing platforms to make sure they meet expectations for customer service, accountability, and deals.

Have you made a booking online before or used a social media platform like Twitter to start a conversation with a hotel? Let us know!