A Warm Touch for the Hospitality Sector

“Luxury” is a term we see all over the hospitality industry. From “Luxury” vacation packages to “luxury” suites, we use the word to give consumers the idea that they are not just staying at a hotel or resort, but are diving into a world of comfort, pampering, and relaxation. Building this experience can be a challenging, and often expensive feat for the hospitality sector — customers expect a top-notch stay for their money, complete with all the bells and whistles. Identifying cost-effective methods for providing this luxury is of utmost importance to keeping these high-end hotels running.

Making changes to rooms and services can become considerably more efficient if these companies choose to investigate ways of overlapping benefits — the famous “killing two birds with one stone” technique. A great example would be the inclusion of heated towel racks in hotel bathrooms: the energy and water costs of running a laundry service for the various towels and linen that are washed daily are some of the highest ongoing costs for any large hotel or resort. While many hotels have turned to incorporating a ‘reuse’ program for guest towels, a towel warmer would allow lodgers to get a warm, fresh, and dry towel with minimal operating costs. Something as simple as installing a heated towel rack makes guests feel more pampered and comfortable while helping control costs in other sectors of the business — no more wet towels piling up for the laundry center, and no unhappy guests with damp towels! That’s what you call a win-win!