Find YOUR towel warmer at a showroom near you with the new Showroom Locator Map!

Wondering where you can find a towel warmer display near you? Worry no more! We have upgraded our showroom locator map to include a new search function! Search an address or zip code to find a showroom nearest to you that has a Towel Warmer display – check out the model before you buy!

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  1. Do you all have any showroom in Mississippi and if so can you send me a list. Thank you.

  2. We currently have a C straight Jeeves & love it. We are moving & want to buy an E straight. We use a regular rocker switch to turn the unit off & don’t remember if the C came with the switch. If the E does not come with a switch, what type can we purchase at the hardware store to control the unit? Additionally, we never turn the unit off & assume it was safe to keep it on, is this safe? Thanks

    • Greetings Elaine — Any electrical switch will work! Consult an electrician for help installing! As for leaving your unit on 24/7 – it is perfectly safe! Our towel warmers generally use less electricity than standard lightbulbs.

  3. 7/9/15 Your map isn’t working. I live in the 94618 zip code. Where can I see your products?
    p.s. I hope your towel heaters work better than your store locator map….

    • Hey Jill – Have you gotten the map to work? We have been working on updating portions of the website and there might have been some hiccups with service;

      I put your zip code into the map and found this address:

      Rubenstein Supply Company
      2800 San Pablo Ave
      Oakland, California 94612 United States
      Display Models: Jeeves Range : KSP-20, Solo : SAFSB-24
      Phone: 510.444.6614

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