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Bring a touch of luxury and warmth to your bathroom with a heated towel rack – your towel will thank you!

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    • Brushed NickelBrushed Nickel
    • Brushed StainlessBrushed Stainless
    • Matte BlackMatte Black
    • Oil Rubbed BronzeOil Rubbed Bronze
    • Polished GoldPolished Gold
    • Polished NickelPolished Nickel
    • Polished StainlessPolished Stainless
    • Satin BrassSatin Brass
    • WhiteWhite
      • 16"-20"
      • 21"-25"
      • 26"-30"
      • 31"-35"
      • 36"-40"
      • 41"-45"
      • 51"-55"
      • 56"-60"
      • 71"-76"
        • 19"-21"
        • 22"-24"
        • 25"-27"
        • 28"-31"
        • 32"-40"
          • One Towel
          • One to Two Towels
          • Two Towels
          • Two to Three Towels
          • Two to Four Towels
          • Three to Four Towels

          What Are
          Heated Towel Racks?

          Our heated towel rack collections provide efficient heat and yet, they use minimal energy to operate. Depending on the unit and its location, Amba heated towel racks consume approximately the same amount of energy as a few light bulbs. And accessories such as timers and digital heat controllers make it easy to maximize energy savings.


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          For customers looking to purchase their first towel warmer, often times a display can help! We’ve created this map to help prospective buyers locate showrooms near them that have models on display.

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