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How to Fold your Towels

Best way to Fold your Towels

The most important factor when hanging your towel on a heated towel rack is going to be the Surface Area of your towel that is touching the bars — you want to make sure the towel is touching as much of heated surface as possible! The best way to do this is to drape your towel over the bars to ‘sandwich’ them between each side, forming a pocket of hot air that will then be absorbed by the towel.


But what if you typically have two towels hanging up, as is the case in most primary bathrooms? Depending on your heated towel rack’s dimensions, you can use the same ‘tent-fold’ technique, but then fold the towel in half length or width-wise so that both towels can fit on the rack together. See following diagram for examples:

Oversized Towels & Bath Sheets

Because of the importance of surface area, the size of your towels can make an impact on the performance of your towel rack: Oversized towels and bath sheets are often considerably larger than a standard towel, and will definitely need to be folded properly to fit on most of the mid-sized racks. It is important to note that these larger towels end up being thicker when folded, and can decrease the efficiency of heat transfer from the bars to your towel. For some models, like the Radiant Collection, hanging more than two towels can cause heat to be trapped, overloading the rack and potentially causing any residual soaps in the towel to towels to become discolored from residual soap. Always refer to the included user guide for directions the amount of towels a particular rack can hold.

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